Jurisprudence is defined as the science or philosophy of law.  In the context of dietetics, it is the provincial legislation in combination with the College of Dietitians of Alberta’s regulations and standards of practice that govern practice in Alberta. To ensure every regulated member of the College understands jurisprudence, the College has developed an online learning module based on the content found within the College’s Professional Practice Handbook for Dietitians in Alberta.

Current regulated members must have successfully completed the jurisprudence learning module. New regulated members must successfully complete the jurisprudence module within their first year of registration with the College, prior to registration renewal. Following this, every regulated member on the General Register will be required to complete the learning module every five years to maintain registration with the College.

The jurisprudence learning module evaluates a dietitian’s understanding and application of the rules (e.g., legislation, regulations, standards of practice) governing the practice of dietetics in Alberta.

Highlights of the jurisprudence learning module include:

  • The jurisprudence learning module is online and open-book.
  • The module consists of 25 multiple choice questions covering the chapters found in the College’s Professional Practice Handbook for Dietitians in Alberta.
  • The module may be completed in more than one sitting and has no time limit—although the average completion time is two hours.
  • Regulated members will have one year to complete the module from time of registration.
  • Each question has resources provided to help you find the correct answer.
  • Regulated members will have three attempts to correctly answer each question.
  • Successful completion of the module constitutes answering at least 22 of the 25 questions correctly. If you answer more than three questions incorrectly, you will still be able to complete the module. Please contact the College office for follow-up on next steps.

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