Who can make a Complaint?

Any person who believes that a regulated member of the College has not provided professional services in a competent, safe or ethical manner, may submit a written complaint to the Complaints Director of the College. A person making a complaint may be:

  • A patient/client or a member of their family;
  • A current or former regulated member of CDA;
  • Another health care professional;
  • An employer; and/or
  • A member of the public.

A complaint may also be made about a former regulated member within two years of the date that the individual ceased to be registered with the College.

Mandatory Reporting

Under the Health Professions Act (HPA), any finding of unprofessional conduct made in another jurisdiction must be reported by the regulated member to any other regulator(s). This also includes findings of professional negligence. Additionally, a regulated member must report any conduct believed to be sexual abuse or sexual misconduct to the Complaints Director, even if the conduct occurs by a regulated member of another regulatory college.

Under the HPA, employers have a legal obligation to inform the Complaints Director as soon as reasonably possible if the employment of a regulated member is terminated, suspended, or if the regulated member has resigned for reasons related to unprofessional conduct. Additionally, a mandatory report must be submitted to the College as soon as possible where an employer suspects sexual abuse or sexual misconduct.