The College of Dietitians of Alberta is a not-for-profit self governing public body created under the Health Professions Act to regulate the practice of dietetics in the public interest by establishing education standards and ensuring the competency of its members. The College, established in 2002, ensures that members have the proper education and training to provide professional, competent and ethical dietetic services. The College currently regulates the practice of over 1,200 Registered Dietitians in Alberta who work in various settings such as hospitals, private clinics, primary care networks, long-term care facilities and community health centres.

What's New

Application for Registration Forms are available online under Become an RD.

Registrant Directory with Private Practice Contact Information - The College’s Registrant Directory lists all Dietitians / Nutritionists registered with the College.

Professional Liability Insurance available - Members have the option of purchasing professional liability insurance through the College. Please refer to the Liability Insurance page in the Members section for more information.